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Mau is an industrial district of eastern UP. Sarees, dhotis, towels, lungis, etc. are woven here and exported to other states as well as many countries too like Bangladesh, China, Srilanka, etc. River choti sarayu touches Mau. It was an Azamgarh’s most important township. Here is a industrial setup of cloth. Sari, lungi, and other cloth items are weave here due to presence of large number of weavers and is also exported to many stated in India and to many countries too. Here lives 36.7% of Hindus which are less in comparison to that of Muslims (63.2%). It has 4 tehsils, 9 blocks, and many gram panchayats.

History of Mau

Mau has been out casted from Azamgarh district. Coins of the King Kanishka’s period have been found here by Archeological Survey of India. When India was struggling for its freedom residents of Mau participated in it and helped to make India free from colonial rule. Many people like Jharkhandey Rai, Tejpal Singh etc, in 1970s and 1980s had work hard for social blessings of Mau.

Geographical Conditions in Mau

Mau is located between 83o17’ to 84o52’ east & 24o47’ to 26o17’ north (latitude and longitude respectively). River Ghaghara passes through Mau. Soil types found here are Khadar and Khachari, Bangar is also the soil type found in some part of the district. Temperature here remains warm except rainy season, temperature ranges from 42 degrees in summers to 9 degree Celsius in winters. Average rainfall here Is 5.67 inches.

Tourism in Mau

Not much is available for tourists to see and visit in Mau apart from the Shahi Katra Masjid in Mau.

Shahi Katra Masjid 

This masjid was built by Aurangzeb’s daughter and is a well known place of worship. Ghosi Huzur Sadarussharia, Malik Tahir baba r.a. Rauza are famous places here for Islamic religion.
Shitala Mata and Vandevi are the important and the oldest temples here.

Services and Utilities in Mau

Mau is an industrial city in Uttar Pradesh. It has been renamed as Maunath Bhanjan. Being an industrial city, it comes with all the necessary public utility services needed for the smooth functioning of businesses and peaceful life of the people. Some of the utilities available in Mau are:

Banking Services

There are several public and private banks available in Mau. Let’s see here some of the banks in Mau. 

Kashi Gomti Samyut Gramin Bank
NH 29 Malibpura
Uttar Pradesh 275 101
Tel: 0542-2222268

State Bank of India
Bhiti Branch
Uttar Pradesh 275 101
Tel: 1800-3453455

Corporation Bank
NH 29 Sahadatpura
Uttar Pradesh 275 101
Tel: 0522-2209507

Axis Bank Ltd
Ground Floor, M D Plaza
Plot No 375, Sahadatpura
Uttar Pradesh 275 101
Tel: 1800-2095577

Mirzahadi Pura
Uttar Pradesh 275 101
Tel: 1800-1024242

State Bank of India
Balli Pura
Uttar Pradesh 275 101
Tel: 1800-112211

Bank of India
Sahadatpura Road
Uttar Pradesh 275 101
Tel: 1800-220229

Union Bank of India
Raipur Dist
Uttar Pradesh 275 101
Tel: 0547-2335515

Fire Services in Mau

The address of Mau fire service station is:

Fire Service Station
Control Room
Uttar Pradesh 275 101
Tel: 9454418623/24

Postal and Courier Services

The address of post office in Mau is: 

Mau Head Post Office
Uttar Pradesh 275 101

Some of the courier services available in Mau are 

The Professional Courier
Sadar Bazar Chowk, Maunath Bhanjan
Uttar Pradesh 275 101
Tel: 09451979560

First Flight Couriers Ltd
Hatthi Madari, Lari Cinema Road
Near Railway Crossing
Uttar Pradesh 275 101
Tel: 9389205880

Gati Kwe
Galibpura, Bhiti
Ambala Road
Uttar Pradesh 275 101
Tel: 7897740837, 1800-1804284

Blazeflash Couriers Ltd
Shop No 23, Bal Niketan School
Maunath Bhanjan
Uttar Pradesh 275 101
Tel: 9415219771

Madhur Courier Services
Station Road, Ghoshi
Uttar Pradesh 275 304
Tel: 9307799054

Trackon Couriers Pvt Ltd
Ali Market
Uttar Pradesh 275 101
Tel: 9415841241

D C Courier
Azamgarh MOD
Mau HO
Uttar Pradesh 275 101
Tel: 9598444222

Telecom and Broadband Services

The address of the BSNL office in Mau is

BSNL Head Office
Burhanpur, Azamgarh
Uttar Pradesh 275 101

Private telecom companies also operate in Mau.

How to Reach Mau

Mau is placed 120 km away from Varanasi, it can be reached by train and also by UPSRTC roadways services.

Quick Facts About Mau

  • Total area: 180 sq km
  • Population: 2,205,968
  • Languages spoken: Hindi, Urdu, Bhojpuri
  • Time zone: IST (UCT+5:30)
  • Literacy rate: 75.16%
  • Sex ratio: 978 (females per 1000 males)
  • PIN: 275101
  • Telephone code:  +0574
  • Vehicle registration: UP 54
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